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Food Trucks and Mobile Kitchens 101

Reasons to choose us for your next Concession Trailer or Catering Trailer

Catering Truck- Food Truck and Mobile Kitchensfood truck by california cart builderWe are the premeir Food Truck and Concession Trailer manufacturer! *State of California, Texas, Florida and Washington Certified Manufacturer. This insures that your Mobile Kitchen, Concession Trailer, Catering Truck-Food Truck is manufactured to the right standards for safety and operation.


*Leading builder of Mobile Kitchen and High quality Institutional Food Service Trailers. Our quality of Mobile Kitchen, or Catering Trailer, Food Truck or our Emergency Response Kitchen surpass the competition.

* Superior Concession Trailer Business support. We offer our customers valuable support services for the Food Truck-Concession Trailer entrepreneur including how to get into Concession Trailer, mobile kitchen, or Catering Trailer events with your own Concession Trailer, Food Truck, Catering trailer, oreven BBQ Concession Trailer.

* We also offer detailed information to help guide our customers on how to deal with health department including calling them and advocating on your behalf.


* We ensure that every Concession Trailer, Catering Trailer, or Catering Truck-Food Truck we sell is Federally compliant from day one.

* We meet your local Health Codes for Concession Trailer, andor Catering Trailer, andor Catering Truck-Food Truck upon request.

* Mobile Kitchen or Catering Truck anda Food Truck are cost effective ways to Franchise your restaurant.

* Emergency Response Kitchen ora Emergency Preparedness Kitchen are a great way to serve your community. A Catering Trailer ora Concession Trailer and even Food Trucks can also serve in a disaster.

* Owners of a Catering Truck-Food Truck, Concession Trailer, Mobile Kitchen and even an Emergency Response Kitchen find it quite lucrative.

Catering Truck- Hot Food Truck 101

For a Catering Truck or a Food Truck, we manufacture custom units. One option is a Catering Truck with outside access. We also customise the traditional Catering Truck aka Food Truck.


If you are looking for a Catering Trailer or even a Institutional Food Service Trailer you've come to the right place.

seafood catering trailerWe're proud to be the premier outlet for a Mobile Kitchen or Concession Trailer. With over 32 years experience we are the Industry Leader in Concession Trailer Manufacturing. Control your future by owning Mobile Kitchen, Emergency Kitchen, Concession Trailer ora Catering Trailer.

State of California, Texas, Florida, and Washington Certified Manufacturer

We can build to your codes too!


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We are the real deal, NOT a "Back Yard Builder"



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